An investment in gold is a sure bet. The market has been stable for the past 200 years,
but gold’s rich history far predates this current trend, and plays a role in some
investment opportunities.

We can date gold’s use as a currency back to the 6th century. It’s left its mark on societies
throughout history as a rare and precious metal that is difficult to destroy and impossible
to manufacture. It's easy to work with, beautiful to look at, and it endures as a solid
investment for a number of reasons.

Gold has a long-term store of value, because it’s capable of performing the same functions that money does.
It’s recognized all over the world as a form of payment. It’s easily transported and divided, and its worth is measured by weight.

Unlike money, the value of gold is not directly affected by economic policies. Governments can’t decline or freeze gold. It’s not dependent on a company or a government’s ability to repay it. It's known as an asset of last resort because it's stable and reliable.

It is also an extremely liquid investment. Trading centers in New York, London, Zurich, Tokyo and Hong Kong allow us to trade gold at any time. Like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodity futures, and options, gold’s price performance is documented world-wide in major newspapers, daily.

Investing in gold is a good way to diversify and reduce the risk of an investment portfolio. Its reliability makes it stand out among other investments in a portfolio that is subject to fluctuations in value. The factors that determine gold’s value include supply and demand, the value of the U.S. dollar, and the state of inflation and interest rates. These factors are different from – and in opposition to – the factors that most other financial assets are subject to. This gives gold assets the ability to move independently from the other investments.

Invest In GoldInvesting in gold is always a good idea. Really, the only debate is how to invest. Bullion, which is gold in the form of a bar or ingot, e.g., can be purchased through precious metal dealers, like Kenneth G. Rare Coins, or at brokerage firms and banks throughout the United States. Investing in gold bars is one of the most cost-effective ways to invest.

Gold futures contracts, mining stocks, and gold options are also good ways to invest that come with the additional bonus of not needing much storage space.

Coin collecting is one of our favorite ways of investing at Kenneth G. Rare Coins. Gold bullion coins are popular with many investors because they combine both capital value and artistry. They make beautiful and interesting gifts. Numistic coins are a special variety of coins that are valued beyond their weight in gold. The rareness of the coin, the number of originals minted, and the condition are all taken into account when appraising these beautiful and historical coins that can bring a far higher price than other gold pieces.

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